Organdle & Company Blends


Essential Oils(10%): 4%Eucalyptus, 4%Tea Tree, 2%Peppermint

Characteristics: Energy, emotional stability, disinfect / neutralize surrounding air. 

Aroma: medicinal, clean

Scent Strength: Strong    

Ideal Uses: Bathroom, study, office, gym, kitchen. 


Essential Oils(10%): 5%Orange, 4%Vanilla, 1%Tangerine     Characteristics: Mellow, subtle energy, Self Regulation. 

Aroma: Sweet & tangy Citrus brought to life with loud warm undertones of vanilla.   

Scent Strength: Gentle   

Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Children’s Room, foyer, 


Essential Oils(10%): 6%Lavender, 4%Frankincense Characteristics: Calm, Relaxing, Soothing for Quiet times, Recovery, Cell Reproduction.     

Aroma: Floral aroma enhanced with subtle notes of fresh frankincense. 

Scent Strength: Gentle

Ideal Uses: Living Room, Bedroom, Children’s Room 


Essential Oils(10%): 2%Eucalyptus, 2%Tea Tree, 1%Lemon, 2%Lemongrass, 3%Peppermint    

Characteristics: Uplifting, mood enhancer, air sanitizer, treat cold / clear sinuses.   

Aroma: Sweet Acidity of citrus complimented with scents of herbal mint   

Scent Strength: Strong    

Ideal Uses: Bathroom, bedroom, living room, foyer, SPA, gym 


Essential Oils(10%): 3%Patchouli, 3%Sandalwood, 3%Cedarwood,     

Characteristics: General Stability, overall well-being, stress relief. 

Aroma: Earthy aroma with floral undertones. 

Scent Strength: Average 

Ideal Uses: Bedroom, Living room, shop


Essential Oils(10%): 5%Cinnamon, 2%Cassia, 2%Cedarwood, 1%Clove 

Characteristics: Motivating Energy, uplifting mood, positive outlook. 

Aroma: Warm distinct scent of spice & Wood.   

Scent Strength: Strong 

Ideal Uses: bathroom, office, gym, Kitchen

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